Made-Rite, Inc. Introduces Snap-on Baseboards

Snap-on Baseboards: Multi-purpose Removable PVC Baseboards

Snap-on Baseboards by Made-Rite are an innovative, affordable, and easy-to-use snap on baseboard system designed for termite detection, wire & cable concealment, and water damage prevention. The system is designed for the modular industry as well as other commercial and home use and can be installed by homeowners and contractors alike.
A simple, straightforward setup coupled with quality, lasting materials makes for less labor and tools and more long-term benefits than conventional baseboards. Snap-on Baseboards save up to 35% on installation versus all the nailing, painting and finishing that traditional baseboards require. When it comes to durability, Snap-on Baseboards are king. Without any wood or particle board in site, the recyclable PVC Snap-on system gives a lifetime of service impervious to corrosion from termites, water, and everyday wear.

Baseboards Built to Fight Termites

The Snap-on Baseboard system has received national attention for its use in termite detection. It has been spotlighted on numerous news programs and cited as one of the best tools for termite inspection and prevention. In the United States, termites cause over $11 billion in damage annually. Recent demand for the Snap-on Baseboard termite detection system has steadily grown – taking on the interest of groups as diverse as legislators and every day homeowners to mega corporation CFOs and local contractors.
The most common kind of termite found in North America can regularly be seen at the point where wall meets floor and this key point of access to the rest of the house is exactly where Snap-on Baseboards do their magic. By having near instant access to the bottom of the walls, owners of buildings – whether they be residential or commercial – can thwart the advances of termites and effectively save untold amounts of money by taking this simple precautionary step of installing Snap-on Baseboards.

Snap-on Baseboards Act as Electrical Raceways to Hide Ugly Wiring

Snap-on Baseboards are the future of dealing with every last kind of electrical line whether it be for a business’ local network setup or at home for a television, a stereo system, or the internet. Regardless of whether it’s a corporation or humble home, Snap-on Baseboards that act as an electrical raceway are a perfect solution for a clean and professional new aesthetic. Covering Romex, Cat 5, telephone, security, and surround sound wiring, the Snap-on Baseboard System is used by contractors and do-it-yourself homeowners alike and is only gaining popularity as an emerging wiring raceway.

Every Building is Better With Snap-on Baseboards!

Within the modular industry, the Snap-on Baseboard System makes set up and tear down faster while not damaging the ceiling, floors or wall panels. Made-Rite’s baseboards are a removable and re-usable system that saves modular companies thousands of dollars.

A Baseboard for Every Season

Snap-on baseboards are an innovative multi-purpose product that not only aid in termite detection, wire concealment, and water damage prevention but are also particularly popular in the modular industry as well as commercial buildings, hotels, and homes. What’s more is the baseboard system’s convenience when it comes changing carpeting and painting walls. Termites in baseboard? No problem. Water damaged drywall mold? No problem. Snap-on Baseboards are the future of effective, easy-to-use and long-lasting baseboard systems that ultimately save incredible amounts of time and money potential damage, installation costs, and more.