Modular Industry


Made Rite has been working with the modular industry for over 5 years now with our goal to develop products that will save our customers time and money.

Made Rite Ceiling Mateline Cap system has been a real hit with our customers with over 150 different branches utilizing our product. The Made Rite system is fast and easy to install. The Mateline cap is a reusable system and saves the ceilings from damage as seen with the standard nail up mateline hardboard cap. With our 12” system, customers have remarked how great and easy this product is for setup and tear down of double wide units. Our track system stays in place on the ceiling and the shipping walls can be installed without removing the track. This is also convenient as it allows for setups even when the units are uneven.

Snap on Baseboard System was developed with cellular PVC to provide a fast and easy way to install baseboards. Our customers have complained about the current use of the vinyl cove base baseboard systems as it is removed and thrown away after refurbishing units. The vinyl cove base is also messy to install and sometimes upon removal can damage the existing wall panels. Our system also offers the ability to run wiring behind it for a clean overall look. This is convenient as it makes it easy to run networking, phone lines, security, and internet outlets all while keeping wires hidden from sight. Installation is also trouble-free as once the clips are installed, the Snap on Baseboards are then a snap to remove and reinstall.

Made Rite Introduces:


The patented Snap-on Floor Mateline Cap System. This system makes set up and tear downs a Snap. The Mateline cap can be installed without damaging the flooring or wall panels. Works on VCT, Carpet and your Mateline wall panels.
Its fast ! Just tap it in !


Its fast! Just tap it in!



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