Online Store
Use our online store to order the Snap-On Baseboards and their add-ons. For large orders or orders to multiple people, we encourage you to contact us directly for a quote or for personalized service.
Made Rite™ introduces Snap-On Baseboards™ the patented snap-on baseboard system. This two part system creates a covered channel behind the outer baseboard profile that clips to the wall-attached inner profile.
Made Rite™ introduces Mateline Floor and Wall Cap This system makes set up and tear downs a Snap. The Mateline cap can be installed without damaging the flooring or wall panels. Works on VCT and Carpet. It's fast! Just tap it in!
Made Rite™ introduces Mateline Ceiling Cap the patented Snap-on Mateline Cap System. This two part system makes set up and tear downs a snap. The Mateline cap can be removed and replaced at will without damaging the ceiling.